Felicia Ferrone a modern accessories

felicia ferone design

The living room should be the most representative room in the house or apartment. The climate of this interior certainly create not only furniture, walls, or floors but also specific additions that give it the charm. However, many people have a problem with their choice. Let’s try to make it easier. The color of accessories…

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Wdstck additions in interior finishing


The finishing of the room interior with elegant materials and the setting of nice furniture is not everything. The final impression is also determined by properly selected wdstck accessories, but today their range is so wide that buying the best is not at all easy. Home design is important for us. To how we will…

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The best light at room – Bomma

Proper lighting of the apartment is a guarantee of health, good mood, efficiency at work and proper rest. However, each room requires a different light, because it also has other functions. So how to properly illuminate our home to feel comfortable in every place? In our geographical zone, most of the year we spend with…

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Christophe Delcourt the best solution

Classic or modern? Do you decorate the salon and you have no idea for the arrangement? Here are excellent collections of furniture, thanks to which you will create a unique interior in your home. The best living room furniture – Christophe Delcourt The living room is the most representative room. It is here that the…

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How to chose the luxury lithing?

Lighting decides not only about the interior mood, but also about their functionality. It’s worth getting to know some tips that will make cooking, reading or everyday rest a pleasure. The plastic properties of light let you highlight the advantages or hide the defects of any interior. Well-planned solutions can also improve the unfavorable proportions…

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How to implement a luxury design in apartment?

A huge budget gives a great opportunities. Affluent people who do not have to worry about limited financial resources, can afford unrestricted selection of materials and finishing details from the top shelf, which makes it possible to carry out elegant, refined projects. The developers themselves often help in finishing the flats, but the “luxury design”…

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