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luxury design

A huge budget gives a great opportunities. Affluent people who do not have to worry about limited financial resources, can afford unrestricted selection of materials and finishing details from the top shelf, which makes it possible to carry out elegant, refined projects.

The developers themselves often help in finishing the flats, but the „luxury design” in their finishes are actually only equipment from more reputable manufacturers and better quality finishing materials. If somebody wants a truly exclusive interior finish and the use of various designer solutions, it is worth seriously considering the employment of an external, specialized company. Thanks to the use of architectural agency services, new apartment will take on an individual character.

Designing a modern and luxury design interior should start at the stage of choosing the right finishing materials, because it depends on them the mood of our apartment. Particularly fashionable, but also equally expensive, is the finishing of walls and floors with natural wood cladding, mainly exotic wood such as teak, iroko or wenge. Natural stone is also often used; marble has always been a sign of luxury, and its price still remains high.

The decision to finish the flat luxuriously sounds very tempting but carries some risk. Increasing the standard of our accommodation does not guarantee that it will suddenly fit into the tastes of potential buyers.