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Lighting decides not only about the interior mood, but also about their functionality. It’s worth getting to know some tips that will make cooking, reading or everyday rest a pleasure.

The plastic properties of light let yoluxury lightingu highlight the advantages or hide the defects of any interior. Well-planned solutions can also improve the unfavorable proportions of a flat, eg optically expand a narrow kitchen or extend a short room. However, an interesting design of lamps and different colors of light provide a decorative effect and bring a cozy atmosphere. Arranging the luxury lighting it should be remembered that each room has a different function and requires individual solutions.

In the salon, we spend most of our free time and perform activities that require light of varying intensity. Both general and local luxury lighting is necessary. In chandeliers or in spacious rooms, chandeliers are perfect for ceiling lights. In contrast, the small living room will fit plafonds or halogen spotlights. It is also important that the chosen lamp evenly illuminates the entire living room and harmonizes with its décor. Additional lighting is needed in the place where we spend the evening reading. The best solution will be a lamp with the possibility of adjustment, which will allow you to adjust the flow of light to individual needs.