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Proper lighting of the apartment is a guarantee of health, good mood, efficiency at work and proper rest. However, each room requires a different light, because it also has other functions. So how to properly illuminate our home to feel comfortable in every place?

In our geographical zone, most of the year we spend with artificial lighting. That is why it is so important to choose the perfect light. Experts particularly recommend using LED lighting. The LED light can be controlled by adjusting it to our well-being. For this it is safe, does not heat up and is extremely durable. However, every room in the house requires different lamps, because it has other functions. What to look for, illuminating the living room, kitchen or children’s room? Which light should you choose?

In the living room we rest and welcome guests. In this room, one strong source of light does not work, the traditional lamp in the center of the ceiling is slowly becoming a thing of the past. The light sources should be several and varied. The main light, usually the lamp illuminating the seating corner, favors relaxation and a sense of security, while the spotlight will highlight the details: the image, the plant or the texture of the wall. If we have a small living room, we will enlarge it using a floor lamp, sconce or skirting with reflectors attached eg under the ceiling or under the furniture.

In the kitchen, pay special attention to the working zone. It’s best to mount the light under hanging cabinets. The spotlight (spotlight) or linear (LED strip) is excellent. The optimal light temperature is 4000 K (neutral white). If the kitchen is connected to the dining room, the table should be lit separately. At smaller tables, the lamp hangs at a height of 50 cm above the top, while the larger ones – about 80 cm. If you have a very large table, plan several light sources that will illuminate the entire table top or only a part of it.

Choosing the right lighting, it is also worth paying a lot of attention to the brand. Products from a reputable manufacturer such as Bomma, for example, are the perfect solution. Choosing, among other things, Bomma lighting, you can be sure that it is a high quality product.