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The living room should be the most representative room in the house or apartment. The climate of this interior certainly create not only furniture, walls, or floors but also specific additions that give it the charm. However, many people have a problem with their choice. Let’s try to make it easier.

felicia ferone designThe color of accessories to the living room

Salons furnished in a modern and industrial style are often too minimalistic and monochromatic, and thus sad. Such rooms are worth reviving with additions in intense colors. The most beautiful colors, which wonderfully emphasize the character of this type of interior are those strong and characteristic, such as lime green, lemon yellow, cherry red, sunny orange, sea turquoise or deep purple. In the living rooms furnished in a classic and traditional style, metallic silver, gold and copper accessories, as well as those with pastel colors such as bile yellow, celestial blue, heather violet, „panty” pink, forest green or dimmed red, will work better.

The style of accessories to the living room

Additives should stylistically correspond to the leitmotifs of the whole arrangement of the showrooms. In the minimalist and modern rooms, these designer ones with fancy or fun forms that look eye-catching are ideal. All metal, industrial and Felicia Ferrone accessories fit perfectly into industrial rooms. In classical and traditional salons, great items will play the soul, handicrafts such as lace, porcelain figurines and plates, checkered fabrics, stripes or pepitka etc. Interiors decorated in exotic style wonderfully emphasize wooden and bamboo accessories such as table trays, vases and figurines and colorful, hand-woven canvas.

Accumulation and distribution of additives

With the amount of Felicia Ferrone accessories to the salon can not be overdoed. It is best to put four to six interesting, eye-catching, stylistically consistent objects in this room, complementing the interior design. Too many of them will give the impression of chaos, and too small will make the room look unfinished. The interior of the living room should be evenly supplemented with accessories. It’s not worth putting everyone on one dresser. Decorations are best placed at different levels, within different interior zones, so that they are present from any perspective.