tapis rugs

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It turns out that the luxury rugs are not a relic of interior decoration. They are still a fashionable accessories that warm the interior and introduces a cozy atmosphere. At the time there are designer rugs in geometric patterns with long bristles or with one strong color. The choice of carpet will depend on many factors, first of all the room in which you want to find, the color and texture of the floor, or small details in our apartment. What is the best fit for a carpet to make our apartment a unique place?

Exclusive rugs – what to choose?

The choice of a particular luxury rug model will depend on the room. And here we are talking not only about whether it should be a carpet for the bedroom, dining room, living room or children’s room. The size and shape of the room is important. The iron rule is that the designer rugs should be at least 90 cm from the edge of each wall. This will allow you to open the door freely and place the furniture in such a way that it will not hold the carpet. If you decide on one large carpet, it is best to put it in the center of the room.

Small or big? And don’t forget about shape

Another option is the arrangement of smaller luxury rugs in sensitive places, e.g. near the sofa where we usually rest. Carpets for children should be multi-colored, in fairy-tale patterns and easy to clean. For the salons and dining rooms, choose modern single-color carpets or geometric patterns while the bedroom is ideal for long-haired shaggy carpets.

The carpet can be matched to the interior on the basis of harmony or contrast. If a well-chosen luxury rug will pass the modern interior with look of grotesque in a traditional interior. In modern, industrial interiors shaggy carpets work well. Another way out are modern carpets in geometric patterns, with distinctive colorful accents.